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It's just us.
Let's be honest.
Voice teachers are awesome.

Does one of these describe you?

You started out singing the music you loved as a kid; popular styles like rock, country, or R&B.  You took singing lessons and were trained in classical methods.  You didn't know  that classical skills wouldn't necessarily transfer to all of your singing.

You love singing classically.  You don't want to give that up.  And you think that you may be able to keep what you have, and add something more.

Now you feel ready to explore popular styles; both for your teaching and for your own singing.

You're a professional, working singer, and you teach voice lessons during the week.  You know what you're doing to sounds great, but you don't always know how to communicate that to help your students.  You can't always help them get what you have.

You've maybe noticed that your voice gets tired in a way it never used to.  Or maybe your high notes aren't feeling the way you'd like them to.

You're here because you think there may be a fix for all those things. Not for sure.  But maybe.

You're starting to wonder...

Untitled design (15).png

Am I singing the way I really want to sing?

Am I helping my students sing the way they really want to sing?


  • You've had experiences with teachers who didn’t provide the nurturing environment you give your students. 

  • You're judging yourself around the subject of singing or performing. 

  • You fear getting help with your teaching skills for microphone styles. 

  • You've taken training in teaching popular styles but there’s still a missing piece. 

  • You don't trust another voice pro to help you with your voice.

What if...

  • you felt confident in your own singing?

  • you were singing the kind of music that filled your soul?

  • you absolutely knew that you were the perfect guide for your students singing microphone styles of music?

Happy Young Woman
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(That's me.)

I want to help you feel great about your  teaching for microphone styles AND help you feel fabulous about your singing!  I’ve been teaching popular styles for over 30 years, and I love teaching teachers!  You deserve to feel confident, and I want to help you get there! 

My mission is to support voice teachers in confident teaching - and singing - of popular singing styles.

Let’s spend some time together.

Because I think you’re awesome.

I think that people who teach voice and singing are rare and wonderful educators, artists, and human beings. 

You’re a singer, a pedagog, a psychologist, a body worker, an intuitive, a healer, and an alchemist.  Your work involves teaching and mentoring sensitive people with a piece of their identity.  They trust you with who they are.  

That is some magical stuff.  

And that’s you.

Copy of Untitled (1).png

I want to help you gain the confidence in "microphone music" that you deserve.

Singing, teaching, or both.

Neuro-Vocal Teacher Training & Certification

Getting certified as a Neuro-Vocal Method voice teacher will boost your teaching confidence for microphone singing.   The class is live online, and builds on what you already know!  For more info, click here!

Private Sessions

Meeting with me 1:1 is laser focused on getting to your goals. Whether you're getting prepped to perform, getting your voice back on track, or gaining more confidence with your chops for microphone styles.  It's your time!

Self-Paced Courses

Want to dip your toe in?  See what the Neuro-Vocal thing +  teaching-microphone-music thing are all about?  Get to know me a little?
The Teachable platform is easy to navigate, and home to
Introduction to Neuro-Vocal Method

(discount code: 10off)
How to Teach High, Rock "Belt: A Workshop  

(discount code: NVM for 50% off)
Watch Meredith's delightful & informative videos on YouTube.png

About Meredith

I don’t hold up standards, I solve problems. 

I help artists find their voices.  And I love my job.

Four years of classical lessons in high school. 

Not because I loved classical music.  I’d never heard a classical singer. 

I loved R&B, punk, and singer/songwriters. 

Then a year abroad tending bar and singing in pubs.

Then two years of classical lessons at University of Wisconsin until I found what I’d always wanted: the “Studio Music & Jazz” degree at the University of Miami! 


Three more years of classical lessons! 


I didn’t know how to sing the music I wanted to sing when I left Miami. I joined a road band, sang five or six nights a week for nine months, and trashed my voice. 

Shocker, right?

Back to my parent’s basement, a day job, vocal therapy, and piano lessons for a year.  

When I got to Chicago, a friend helped me find a voice teacher who could help me.  He was a working singer; a studio singer, a concert singer, and a freelancer.  His background was as a pop singer, and he taught microphone singers like me. For the first time in my life I felt like I was actually singing.

So I took graduate vocal ped at Northern Illinois University, and set out to be a voice evangelist.  (Yeah...I'm over all that now, but that was then...)

For the 25 years I was a freelance singer in Chicago.  I taught band singers during the week and sang with bands on the weekends. I headlined at most of the jazz clubs in that jazz town. I headed up The Center For Voice in Chicago. I recorded a CD of original jazz tunes. I did a lot of different gigs for music, money, and both.

Meredith.  chick singer.  Retro Shot

If you want to know about how NVM came about, you can read the story on the About Neuro-Vocal Method page.  I wrote Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy and Forever in 2016. It’s about Neuro-Vocal Method, and about microphone singing.

What I want YOU to know is that I’ve been there.  

I speak the language of the college educated classical singer, and the language of the band singer.  (Also, band leader, acapella group member, musical theater actor, big band singer, and, most importantly, professional Christmas caroller.) 

I don’t hold up standards, I solve problems.  I help artists and voice teachers.  And I love my job.

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