It's just us.

Let's be honest.

Voice teachers are awesome.

Most of us started singing the music we loved.  Popular styles like rock, country, or R&B.  Because we loved to sing, we took singing lessons.  They trained us in classical methods.  We were kids. We thought that classical singing skills would transfer to all of our singing.  

Most of us found out too late that wasn’t necessarily the case.  

So here you are.  Years, sometimes decades later, feeling empowered to claim your own singing. 

Teaching popular styles makes you aware of your own teaching.  You wonder:

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Am I singing the way I really want to sing?

Am I helping my students sing the way they really want to sing?

You might have had experiences with teachers who didn’t provide the nurturing environment you give your students.  You may be judging yourself around the subject of singing or performing.  You might fear getting help with your CCM/Pop/Rock teaching skills.  Or maybe you have taken training in teaching popular styles but there’s still a missing piece, both in your teaching and your singing. 

What if...

  • you felt confident in your own singing?

  • you were singing the kind of music that filled your soul?

  • you absolutely knew that you were    the perfect guide for your  CCM/Pop/Rock students?

Happy Young Woman
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(That's me.)

I want to help you feel great about your  teaching for "microphone" styles!  I want to help you feel fabulous about your singing.  I’ve been teaching popular styles for over 30 years, and I love teaching teachers!  You deserve to feel confident, and I want to help you get there! 

My mission is to support voice teachers in confident teaching - and singing - of contemporary singing styles.

Let’s spend some time together.

Because I think you’re awesome.

I think that people who teach voice and singing are rare and wonderful educators, artists, and human beings. 

You’re a singer, a pedagog, a psychologist, a body worker, an intuitive, a healer, and an alchemist.  Your work involves teaching and mentoring sensitive people with a piece of their identity.  They trust you with who they are.  

That is some magical stuff.  

And that’s you.


I want to help you gain the confidence

in "microphone music" that you deserve.

Singing, teaching, or both.

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