Money Notes Exercise

Demos & Tracks

These videos show demonstrations of the effective form for each of the exercises in Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever.  

Practice guide tracks for four voice types are under the "Shop" tab, or use the button below.

Piano guides for every exercise in the book! 4 Voice Types!


Section 1: Warm-Ups

Exercise #1: Breathe & Buzz

Exercise #4: Buzzy Neh

Exercise #6b: Lip Trills

Exercise #2: Charlie Brown's Teacher

Exercise #5: Hung-ah

Exercise #3: Puff Your Punum

Exercise #6a: Lip Trill Coaching

Exercise #7: Head Register E's

Section 2: Skill Development


Skill Development #1:

Nasty Vowel

Skill Development #4:

Disney Chipmunk

Skill Development #2:

Power Breathing

Skill Development #5:

Ya-Ya Isolation

Skill Development #3:

Register Separation

Skill Development #6:

Single Note Balance

Section 3: Working the Blend

Working the Blend #1:
The Nasty Triangle
Working the Blend #4:
Power Slide
Working the Blend #2:
Hee-Ya Stretch
Working the Blend #3:
Skinny Triangle Blend
Working the Blend #5:
Power Ha
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