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Neuro-Vocal Explained

This is the model for Neuro-Vocal for Popular Styles...

...and this series of 5 short videos explains it.

Neuro-Vocal approaches the singing voice as an integrated system. Each of the stops along brain wheel represents a neurological principle. ⬅️

Voice coaching that's based on physiological principles, rather than a collection of isolated techniques, gives both the singer and the teacher/coach so much more freedom to be the artists that they are!

If you'd like to know the story of where NVM came from, this page will tell that story. If you'd like to understand a bit more about how brain science connects with singing, take a listen to each of the five videos on this page. ⬇️

If you want to know more, don't hesitate to reach out! You can join my email list here, and if you're interested in private coaching or Neuro-Vocal Teacher Training & Certification, you can get more information here. (Don't forget to book the free, 30-minute session if you're psyched!)

What Is Motor Learning?

And Why Does It Matter?

 Have you been hearing about motor learning in singing? Are you maybe a little shy about asking for clarification about what that’s all about? 😶 I’m here for you, friend.


In this video, I’m talking about motor memories, which is the secret sauce of making movements - including singing! - easy and familiar. 🕺🎶


Your Brain Sings Before You Do:


You're Wired for Predictions!

Ever wonder why it can be so hard to change certain things about your singing? You understand, you can hear the difference, but your voice won’t deliver what you want consistently. (Or was I just talking about your students? 🤔)

There’s a reason for that. It’s not because you’re not trying hard, or not talented or smart enough. 🤩It’s just because of the way brains are put together.


Feels So Good!


Feeling From Your Brain

Maybe you’re one of those people who’s really aware of how your singing feels to you. When your voice teacher told you to “feel it here” you were fine with that. You understood. But maybe you weren’t, and maybe you didn’t. 🤔

You know you sense the world with your eyes 👀, ears 👂, hands ✋, and nose 👃.


But you know what? You’re ALSO sensing it in some ways that aren’t as obvious! And those ways of sensing are making decisions for you ALL the time!?


Your Singer Superpower!


You're In The Spotlight

Everyone feels like they have Squirrel Brain sometimes. Too many things are grabbing your attention and it’s way-too-hard to focus. In life (#amiright) but especially in performing situations. 🐿️💭

The reason Squirrel Brain can feel so stressful is that trying to pay attention to more than one thing is NOT how your brain wants to work. 🧠🚫


So how is Squirrel Brain related to a singer superpower? Because when you train your brain to do the thing it LIKES to do, you get wonderful results! 💪🎤


That Sounds Terrible!


A Radical Road to Vocal Freedom

It’s really hard to sing when you hear yourself sounding unfamiliar. (I mean…) Have you had the voice lesson or coaching where you’re being guided to make sounds that you would NEVER use to sing? It’s really uncomfortable, right? 😬🎤

But, as a voice pro yourself, you know there’s some wisdom in that technique. When people don’t think they’re singing, some surprising changes can be made! 🤔✨

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