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You’ll change your entire perception of what singing is….and what it isn’t. Ms. Colby shares her personal story, and her wonderful sense of humor, to make this an effortless read. As a vocologist/voice therapist/singing teacher, I’ve already started using her techniques with my pop and musical theater students, with smashing results. Even this old “Recovering Classical Singer” is finding new power and facility in a completely non-classical singing style…and I’m loving it! Forget the old adage that only classical technique is healthy singing; this book debunks that beautifully. I even use these techniques to help teachers and other speaking voice professionals obtain vocal power without strain. I highly recommend this book to any singer or singing teacher who, like me, was trained classically, but wants to sing contemporary and commercial music effectively and effortlessly. Brava, Meredith Colby!

- Karen Sussman, MA, CCC, Vocologist and Singing Teacher

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About the book

NeuroVocal Method
A groundbreaking approach to singing

A new way to think about how you sing.


Veteran singer, coach and teacher Meredith Colby explains the way singing works - both the mechanics of singing and what controls them - and shows how any singer can “go through the back door” to quickly achieve the singing results they want.


Drawing on contemporary brain research and applying similar neurology theories found in sports instruction and physical rehabilitation to vocal training, NeuroVocal exploits the innate tendencies of the brain - both to steer changes in singing and to be guided by changes as they occur. Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy and Forever reveals:

  • how your voice works naturally, and how to harness that power

  • the tricks and tools that will let you achieve your goals, and show you how to use them

  • how to get over that frustrating “break” in your voice

  • how your brain is controlling your voice, and how to make it change its ways to set your high notes free

  • why you shouldn't feel guilty about anything that's happened along your vocal journey

  • exercises guaranteed to increase vocal range, volume, and stamina


Contrary to the commonly accepted idea that “good singing is good singing” regardless of the style of music, Colby argues for a distinct way to train voices for CCM (contemporary commercial music), pop, rock, jazz, country, contemporary musical theater, and any other type of music that’s sung into a microphone.


Money Notes is a fascinating and compelling exploration of how the brain functions when we sing, and an accessible and effective tutorial on how to attain vocal strength, stamina, and freedom. 

Have you ever listened to those high, loud notes your favorite singers can hit?  And have you thought that kind of singing is beyond your reach?   


Money Notes is the book that tells you why you’re wrong - you can have those notes. With practice, you’ll be able to hit those notes, sing higher and louder, and have incredible vocal stamina. 


That “break” in your voice - the one that you keep running into whenever you want to sing high - is natural. Nearly everyone has it. But knowing it’s natural won’t stop it from frustrating you. And being frustrated won’t give you the control and power you crave.


You want to express yourself in the way that’s true to the real you, and how you hear your music. And you can. Let NeuroVocal Method give you the tools you need to sing the way you've always wanted.!



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