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Your Brain Sings Before You Do

Created for microphone singers, 
is the singer's and voice coach's

new best friend.

Based on knowledge of brain function,
Neuro-Vocal teaches singers to
steer changes in their brains
and be guided by the changes as they occur.
This approach can achieve remarkably fast results,
and puts the sings in the driver's seat with tools for a healthy voice that lasts a lifetime.

Train your brain.
Train your voice.

Her approach is rooted in science and physiology, exploiting her awareness that improving singing quality requires changes in the brain, not just the voice.  Showing a gift for exposition, her relatable analogies give the singer an understanding of the “why” beneath the “how.”  Her method asks singers to focus on physical sensation in order to create new neural pathways -- in a sense, improving singing by feeling. 

Douglas Burman, Ph.d. Neuroscience

Research and project management, fMRI

Northshore University Health

Door No. 1

Neuro-Vocal gets you 

high, loud, healthy, forever singing.

Want to learn more?

Vocal coach, voice expert, author, and

the creator of Neuro-Vocal for Popular Styles.

Meredith Colby teaches online classes and individual coaching.  

Located in Chicago, Illinios, USA, Meredith meets with singers virtually from all over the world.

Hi. I’m Meredith Colby;  vocal coach, voice expert, author, and creator of Neuro-Vocal for Popular Styles. 

With thousands of performance hours and over three decades of teaching under my belt, I’m an expert at what I do.  My clients are professional and avocational singers, voice teachers and coaches, and singer-songwriters. 

Meredith Colby smiling.
Meredith Colby smiling.

My book, Money Notes, introduces Neuro-Vocal, a fast, effective way to create healthy singing habits for microphone-based styles that is based on brain science. 

I speak the language of both the college-educated classical singer, and the sing-into-microphones singer. I teach classes, present workshops, and offer individual coaching to singers and teachers who are ready to sing high, loud, and healthy…forever.

Meredith Colby using her MackBook
Meredith Colby posing
Meredith Colby performing
Meredith Colby posing
Meredith Colby working