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Neuro-Vocal Method gets you high, loud, healthy, forever singing.

Author and voice expert Meredith Colby teaches groups and private clients, in person and online.  

Her approach is rooted in science and physiology, exploiting her awareness that improving singing quality often requires changes in the brain, not just the voice.  Showing a gift for exposition, her relatable analogies give the singer an understanding of the “why” beneath the “how.”  Her method asks singers to focus on physical sensation in order to create new neural pathways -- in a sense, improving singing by feeling. 

Douglas Burman, Ph.d. Neuroscience

Research and project management, fMRI

Northshore University Health

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About Meredith

If you want to cut to the chase, below is my bullet-point bio.  If you want to read a more professional and comprehensive bio, click HERE.  If you want to see videos of me or my students, click HERE.

Cut to the chase, Skip the appetizers, just the bottom line.  I don't have all day. 

  • Over 30 years teaching experience.

  • Author of Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever (WiseInk, 2017) 

  • Creator of Neuro-Vocal, the voice training method based on brain science.

  • Specializes in CCM/Popular styles (that's contemporary commercial music).

  • 20 years experience as a busy, professional freelance singer. 

  • Bachelor of Music in Studio Music & Jazz - Vocal from University of Miami (Coral Gables), post-grad vocal pedagogy study at Northeastern Illinois University, certified by Neuroscience Academy (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Really nice, not scary.

Sing Loud


The real-life differences between classical and popular styles, the theory behind Neuro-Vocal Method, and pictures of brains.  To learn more, click HERE.  There are some great brain-changing exercises included in the book that are demonstrated HERE, with MP3's for each voice type available HERE

About the Money Notes, the Book

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Online Classes

Private lessons, coaching, and online classes for voice teachers.


If you're interested in a live, in-person Seminar & Masterclass for the students or teachers in your school shoot me an email

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Voice Lessons & Coaching

I meet with students who live in the area in my studio in lovely Deerfield, Illinois.  It's about 30 minutes north of the Chicago Loop by car, 50 by train.  

If you reside elsewhere on the planet, we can meet online.  

You can find all kinds of information about Meredith and about voice lessons HERE.  

Go to the FAQ section for answers to common questions.

Worried that private coaching will change your "singing personality"?   

Not to worry, Mon ami!   I'm a trained professional. 

We're just going to make you a better version of yourself:

Stronger, longer, higher, louder.

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