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What's Your Teaching Personality?

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

The S-I-N-G Personality tool helps you understand how to best help each & every student

You’ve seen personality charts. From your daily horoscope and Cosmo quizzes to in-depth analyses like Meyers-Briggs and Clifton Strengths. We love to find out about ourselves, and personality charts are all about that! They become useful tools when the light they shed can help us, professionally or personally.

As a voice teacher your personality and teaching style have attracted students and encouraged them to stay with you. That same personality and teaching style has encouraged people to leave your studio. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a fact. And because they leave, you may never get a chance to discover their reason for leaving.

In some cases, it’s all on them. It could be a money thing, a family thing, a health thing, or they could have been drafted into a major league baseball team. You just don’t know. But sometimes students leave us because of a failure on our part. We may not have been teaching to their needs, or may have inadvertently hurt their feelings. We may not have read the room.

A quick & easy tool

I want to share a nice little “quadrant” personality tool that will help you quickly figure out your students personality style, and give you ideas for little ways to shift your teaching based on that personality style.

You may be familiar with quadrant tools. There are a lot of them out there! There’s the Communication Styles assessment, the DISC system, the Merrill-Reid Model, and more. The S-I-N-G model I created for voice teachers and coaches is a loose amalgam, and like all of these models, it’s simple and immediately applicable. It should make sense to you instantly, and I hope it provides you with some helpful insight!