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Reimagining Your Studio post-COVID

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

reprinted from The VASTA Voice, September 2020

For the rest of our lives we’ll remember this year of the pandemic.

We’ll remember it as a year of seismic social shifts, deep loss, and cultural change. Over just a few days in March of 2020, everything we had assumed about “how things are” was up for grabs. We implemented radical changes to our work not because we wanted to, but because we were forced to.

By this time most of us have adjusted to the new normal and have found a way to move our teaching and coaching online. Some voice teachers report doing even better now than when their studios were doing in-person sessions. Want to be one of those teachers? Read on!


If your pre-pandemic studio provided only in-person lessons, you were limited. Both mentally and geographically, you were limited to those people who were within a certain distance from your studio.

Those limitations – your geography and your beliefs – probably held you in a scarcity mentality. That belief caused you to charge what you thought of as “the going rate” and to have a very generalized clientele. (Your web page may have boasted that you taught people of every age, skill level, and musical interest).

Now that you’re teaching online, you have global access to over three billion people. Since you only need a few of those people, you can now afford to specialize.

Teach your ideal client