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NEAR ME: How to Show Up on Local Searches

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Reprinted from the VASTA Voice, September, 2019

As an independent voice teacher, I don’t have the marketing budget of those big, national education businesses. In most ways I can't compete with them for my potential client's attention online.

I do have an edge on the big guys, though, for a certain and very common type of online search.

The “near me” search. You may have used this search term - sometimes at the suggestion of the search engine itself – when looking for a business in your area.

With no budget to hire an online marketing djinn, my website will show up on Page 1 of Google if someone within five miles of my studio searches for “voice teachers near me,” or “vocal coaches near me.” That’s about 185,000 people. Want to know how I do it?

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