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Are There People Who Believe In You?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Jessica traveled 7,000 km

to learn what I had to teach. She also came as a Representative of Belief, though it was unlikely she was aware of that part.

She learned during her visit. A truckload, in fact. She had daily lessons with me for 12 days, and in that time was able to wrap her brain around both the science and art of neurology-based voice teaching. She also wrapped her voice around it. She showed up with a typical vocal break (the I-want-to-sing-popular-styles-but-my-training-is-classical break) and left with a healthy chest mix from F3-F5. She’s studied several other methods, but none of them worked in the way she needed them to. She left Chicago as a singer and voice teacher filled with enthusiasm.

That’s the short version of the experience. Even from this, we can surmise that:

  • Jessica is an exceptional person

  • Assuming she is not the only one of her kind, there are people who will do anything to find their voice

  • The results of Neuro-Vocal Method can manifest