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Are There People Who Believe In You?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Jessica traveled 7,000 km

to learn what I had to teach. She also came as a Representative of Belief, though it was unlikely she was aware of that part.

She learned during her visit. A truckload, in fact. She had daily lessons with me for 12 days, and in that time was able to wrap her brain around both the science and art of neurology-based voice teaching. She also wrapped her voice around it. She showed up with a typical vocal break (the I-want-to-sing-popular-styles-but-my-training-is-classical break) and left with a healthy chest mix from F3-F5. She’s studied several other methods, but none of them worked in the way she needed them to. She left Chicago as a singer and voice teacher filled with enthusiasm.

That’s the short version of the experience. Even from this, we can surmise that:

  • Jessica is an exceptional person

  • Assuming she is not the only one of her kind, there are people who will do anything to find their voice

  • The results of Neuro-Vocal Method can manifest for a singer in as little as two weeks.

Now let’s talk about me.

Never underestimate the power of a Creative to undermine herself. It’s our other art form.

I’m a Creative. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re a Creative too. So you’ll understand what I’m talking about when I say that every step forward in my career has been hard won over doubt.

I wrestle with Doubt until it’s temporarily exhausted, and then I get up from the mat and take a step or two forward. While I’m blithely focused on my next creative goal, Doubt is getting up from the mat and, before I know it, has wrapped its arms around my shins and brought me down again. It’s a never-ending match.

As a Creative who has created a voice teaching method, you’d think I’d be immune to the leg-grab takedown. I actually witness the positive outcomes of my work on a regular basis. There’s proof. The work is based on a science I keep learning more about, and it keeps holding up. What’s to doubt?

Yeah, well…never underestimate the power of a Creative to undermine herself. We’re really good at it, aren’t we? It’s our other art form.

In the case of Jessica’s visit, though, I’ve decided to try something different. I’ve decided to try to let it in. Jessica is far too intelligent, educated, and talented to dismiss, and so I must observe and respect her process. She made an informed decision to travel from Germany to study with me. She was a model student and learned a lot. I watched the NVM process at work in a very condensed and satisfying way.

I’ve decided to believe in Jessica, at least for the time being, and use that belief to take the next few steps forward.

From time to time, every Creative is sent a Belief Representative; someone who demonstrates why your artistic expression matters. All we have to do is make the decision to believe in that person’s truth. In doing so, their truth can be shared to fuel us as we move forward.

At least for a while.

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