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First You Have to Get the Gig (part 1)

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Leading up to my free White Paper, How to Make an Unforgettable

Impression on Stage, today’s VoCalling subject will be, well, that. Not to change who you are, but to utilize some of your own magic and magnetism to accomplish your goals.

Before you get on stage, you have to get the gig. And since you’re probably a singer, you’re probably the one getting the gig for the band; or auditioning for other opportunities. Or, as a voice teacher, you’re meeting potential new students.

Guess what? You’re in sales.

I know.


You did not get into music to be in sales. But think about it; anybody who’s ever interviewed for a job, or gone on a date, or met their potential in-laws is in sales. Making it easy for people to like you can help you smooth your path and accomplish your goals.


Make a great first impression so people like you right away.


Make them like you after they’ve already decided they don’t.

Whether or not you like the idea, first impressions count for a lot. People make decisions – and will make decisio