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Mary McMurtery

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Radiant Voice Studio

As a holistic voice instructor, my deepest joy is helping you tap into the artistic flame deep in your soul–discovering it, honoring it, fanning and feeding it until it burns brightly with your profound potential.

Just as each singer’s voice is unique, the process of discovering, unlocking, and honing one’s vocal expression is, too. I love partnering with my students to guide and nurture them as they make their own exciting vocal discoveries, whether they aspire to perform professionally, or want to enjoy the same level of support, while pursuing other professional interests. Every singer deserves top-notch vocal instruction, regardless of level, background, or goals, and that’s what this studio is about–revealing your unique voice, so you can release your inner radiance.

My favorite Rumi quote sums it up for me: “Let the beauty we love be what we do.

Let’s find out what lights you up - RVS is now accepting new students online!


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