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Coaching for Adult and Pro Singers

You’re an artist. 
Music is your art form.
Your voice is your medium. 

You need to express yourself.  Your real self.  The way you hear and love music.  You need to hear your musical intention sail out of your mouth! 

But sometimes that's not what happens.

For most singers it shows up as vocal fatigue, or a "break" in your voice, or not having the range you used to haveWhen stuff like that starts to steal your joy of singing, something has got to be done!

I'm inviting you to work on with me on the "Sing" file in your brain.

Cuz in that tiny moment before you sing, your brain sets you up to sing the way you've always sung. Every time.


That's all great, except for the parts that aren't.  So you have to trick your brain.

Female Performer

Trick my brain?

Yep.  We're going to use your brain's ability to both guide the process and be shaped by the process.  We're going to teach it to expect singing that feels divine, reaches high & low, and lasts as long as you need it to.


So that when you go to sing, it's you, the way you've always sung, but better. 

Easy.  Healthy.  Loud.  High.  Bad ass.

I got in the studio the other day and sang.  It was night and day from my last attempt to record when I was working with my old teacher.  Thank you for helping me have the voice I’ve always wanted.  It was amazing to see how much more nuanced and versatile and solid I sound!  Thank you!

Alice Limoges

Singer/songwriter, voice teacher, music teacher

It's a little strange. #notgonnalie

It can be emotionally uncomfortable.  But Neuro-Vocal Method is some magical stuff.  There are voice coaches all over the world teaching it.  Cuz it's amazing.

The more you want to understand, the faster you'll get it.

And when you get it, you're going to LOVE IT!

Testimonial Mollye Otis; her approach is simple to understand and implement...

Her approach is simple to understand and implement. Private lessons with her have been a joy; she is encouraging, supportive and attentive in such a kind way. At the core of her training is the intent to "trick the brain" into making sound, as opposed to "singing" with all the overthinking, judgment and tension that approach can produce. I've also taught a class of musical theatre high school students applying her principles.

Mollye Otis

Singer, songwriter, music director, vocal coach & teacher

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How To Work With Me

Let's start with an introduction session.

A little bit longer, so we can get to know each other.  If you're ready to share, I'll listen to your voice or your singing and give you some feedback.  (All good. Pinky swear.)

Then I'll pull out my magic wand and show you a helpful thing or two -  designed just for you - that you can take with you and use to keep your voice healthy and responsive!

Have we already met?


Let's get you to your goals!

Select a package below:

Session Options
Testimonial Amanda Kaiser; working with Meredith and Neuro-Vocal was incredible!

Package options for any sized goal!

The Eighth Note

The Quarter Note

The Dotted Quarter

  • Begin the process of triggering neuroplasticity to make your singing higher & louder, with more control and amazing stamina.

  • Private 60-minute online sessions

  • Ongoing support with detailed notes after each session.

  • Response within 24 hours from me when you text, email, or video

  • Free e-copy of Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever

  • Free MP3 downloads (all voice types) of guide tracks for all the exercises in Money Notes

  • Rescheduling privileges up to 24 hours

  • Zoom recording to your device or the cloud

  • Free support resources to help make the most of our time together.    (They're down there ⬇️ under Make the Most of Your Time.)


Single session rate:  USD 140

Eighth Note 3-session package rate: 2 billings of USD 200

Quarter Note 7-session package rate: 3 billings of USD 315

Dotted Quarter 11-session package rate: 4 billings of USD 345

Introduction session: USD 185

If your situation or the exchange rate in your country makes these rates prohibitive, please reach out to me directly. 

Make the Most of Your Time

I have a LOT of support material available to you for free.  If you want to make the most of our time together, you are welcome to dive in!

About Meredith

I don’t hold up "standards", I solve problems.  I help artists find their voices.  And I love my job.

Four years of classical lessons in high school.  Not because I loved classical music.  I’d never heard a classical singer.  I loved R&B, punk, and singer/songwriters. 

Then a year abroad tending bar and singing in pubs.

Then two years of classical lessons at University of Wisconsin until I found what I’d always wanted: the “Studio Music & Jazz” degree at the University of Miami!  Yay! 

Three more years of classical lessons!  What?

I didn’t know how to sing the music I wanted to sing when I left Miami. I joined a road band, sang five or six nights a week for nine months, and trashed my voice.  Shocker, right?

Back to my parent’s basement, a day job, vocal therapy, and piano lessons for a year.  

When I got to Chicago, a friend helped me find a voice teacher who could help me.  He was a studio singer and concert performer.  He lived in the same world that I did, and taught me how to sing for that world.  It was the first time in my life I felt like I was actually singing.

So I took graduate level how-to-teach-voice at Northern Illinois University, and set out to (read this in your best Baptist Preacher voice) save all the microphone singers!

For the next 20 years I was a freelance singer in Chicago.  I taught band singers during the week and sang with bands on the weekends. I headlined at most of the jazz clubs in that jazz town, sang on cruise ships, and with society bands. I headed up The Center For Voice in Chicago, directed choirs, and was a church music director. I recorded a CD of original jazz tunes. I did a lot of different gigs for music, money, and both.

Meredith Colby promotional photo

Retro Meredith.  chick singer.

If you want to know about how NVM came about, you can read the story on the About NVM page.  I wrote Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy and Forever in 2016. It’s about Neuro-Vocal Method, and about microphone singing.

What I want YOU to know is that I’ve been there.  

I speak the language of the college-educated classical singer, and the language of the band singer.  (Also, band leader, acapella group member, musical theater actor, big band singer, and, most importantly, professional Christmas caroller.) 

I don’t hold up standards, I solve problems.  I help artists find their voices.  And I love my job.

If you want to know more,
to go to the "about" page.
Make The Most Of Your Time
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