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  • What's the difference between voice training and voice coaching?
    Short version: Coaching creates the best performance possible based on a singer's existing skill level. On-going training will improve that skill level. Coaching is typically used in preparation for an audition or performance. Coaching addresses presentation style, vocal tips and tricks, and shows you what and how to practice. The 16-week package (over 20 weeks or less) is designed to get you started changing how you sing. Automatically. Neuro-Vocal is an approach that focuses on neuroplasticity - in other words, changing your brain so that your singing becomes easier, louder, and more responsive. Remember...your brain sings before you do! My youtube channel, my facebook page, and my website have scads of free stuff: videos and written content to help you learn. As a student, you'll also get a free copy of my book, MONEY NOTES: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever. You'll get a lot of free me with that as well. 😊 ​ With the Neuro-Vocal 16-session package the actual skill level of the singer is addressed and improved. How quickly a student improves relies on a number of factors such as: How much experience the singer already has. Whether the singer has a goal to work toward. Whether the singer is singing regularly. Whether the singer is performing regularly. Whether the singer practices what is learned in the lesson. The degree to which the singer is willing to engage in the process.
  • Where and when does Meredith see clients?
    My availability will be visible when you select the type of session you'd like to book. If you're somewhere on the planet other than North America, and you find the times available inconvenient, please contact me. If I can accommodate you, I will. All sessions are held through the Zoom app. You must have a computer or tablet with a working camera and microphone. If you have never used Zoom, know that it is free and effective. You'll get instructions for how to install and use it.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    What's your goal? What kind of learner are you? The number of lessons people need to reach their goals varies. ​ Neuro-Vocal Method is remarkably fast and effective if used regularly and as instructed. After an introduction session you will get a recommendation from me. That recommendation will be for what I think will benefit you the most: single sessions, a package, or another voice professional (my referrals are only to the best people!).
  • What happens in a typical session?
    THIS DESCRIPTION DESCRIBES TYPICAL SESSIONS. The first 5-10 minutes (depending on your need) are for talking. In that time you can share anything that's going on with your voice, or anything in your life that might affect your voice. The rest of the lesson is about 2/3 vocal development and exercises and 1/3 singing of songs. But that depends on the student. If, for instance, you're rehearsing and singing with a band, more time will be spent on vocal exercises to get you the skills you need. If you don't get to sing much during the week we'll spend more time singing. ​ Accompaniment: Because our lessons are online, accompaniment must happen on your side of the computer screen. Ideally you will have a separate device for playing your backing tracks (e.g., your smartphone). There are a number of excellent resources for providing backing tracks for songs. I will help you with that.
  • Any policies I should know about?
    After teaching for more than 30 years, I've arrived at only two policies that really make a difference to the quality of our appointments, and the quality of our relationship: > 24 hour cancellation policy: you will be charged in full for any lesson not canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours ahead. You will get reminders prior to your lesson. > Don’t Show Up Hungry policy: students should have eaten something within 2-3 hours prior to their session time.
  • Do teenagers count as "Adult" students?"
    I've helped adults of all skill levels - from those who think they "can't sing" to working, professional singers. Teenagers require special consideration due to the fact that their voices are still growing and changing. There is a lot that can be done to improve their singing and increase their confidence while respecting their growing voices. I'm happy to work with teenagers ages 16+ who genuinely want to improve, and are prepared to engage with the process.
  • How much is a session? What payments are accepted?
    60 minute coaching sessions are USD $145 75 minute introduction sessions are USD $185 16-session Neuro-Vocal Package is 5 payments of $400 over 5 months Package prices vary, and post-package sessions are $125 Payments are accepted through the scheduling app via credit or debit card. If you would like to use an alternative form of payment for post-package lessons, let me know. If you do not live in the US and the exchange rate makes the fee prohibitive, please reach out to me directly. I create a lot of content for singers and voice professionals. You can learn a lot from me for free! My youtube channel, my facebook page, and my website have scads of videos and written content to help you learn. As a student, you'll also get a free copy of my book, MONEY NOTES: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever. You'll get a lot of free me with that as well. 😊
  • Voice lessons are online, right?"
    Yup. All lessons are online. It's super convenient and easy! I work with singers and voice teachers from all over the world. When you schedule your session you will see my available studio times. If your time zone makes these times prohibitive, please reach out to me directly. If I can accommodate you, I will.
  • What happens during the Introduction session?
    For coaching, we'll get right down to work based on the form you filled out on the scheduling app. For the Introduction session, here's what you can expect: After we talk about you for a while, and I answer an questions you might have, we'll get down to making noise. In a typical Intro session, I'll listen to your voice, listen to your singing, and give you feedback about what I'm hearing. Then we'll get down to biz. You'll leave the first session with something of value. Whatever I teach you will be one thing which will affect your singing powerfully - and forever - if you apply it. If the session feels like a good fit, you can schedule regular individual sessions or subscribe to the package. If either one of us does not think ours is a match made in heaven, then I'll refer you to another teacher and we'll part as friends.
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