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Coaches are Swanky!

a short workshop that just might change everything

It's all in a name.

Your vocal studio can provide you

with more money and happiness.

Can we talk?

You’re amazing! Also, as a fellow educator, I thought your pacing was excellent and your lecture style is so concise and kind. Loved it and you!

- Tegan Miller, Savannah GA

Why does it matter if we're teachers or coaches?

I'm finding I'm working less, but more effectively. And my students are progressing and enjoying their lessons more.

- Katie Jillson, Boston MA

This hour-long workshop is what you've been waiting for.

In college the teachers were fancy and the coaches were...well...coaches. They were a lot less fancy. You've probably been marketing the credibility that comes with the moniker Teacher.

Now that you're out in the real world, you can't help noticing that most (all?) of your clients want to sing popular or music theater styles.


For those styles, you want to help your clients bring out their unique voices. Their love of singing their music. You're working on their timeline and with their goals.


You should be coaching. But you may not know how.

Meredith has a great knack for getting to the core of the matter quickly and efficiently, plus she's a true joy to work with - knowledgeable, personable, supportive, and professional.

Kate Lanagan, Cardon Studios

Happy-Money-Goodness in One Hour!

  • Why & how coaches attract more students
  • Teaching & coaching: what's the diff?
  • How coaching is both easier and more effective
  • Marketing as a coach
  • The coaching mindset: what & how?
  • Consistent skills for coaching success
  • Transitioning smoothly to coaching

Upcoming workshop:

This workshop is offered on Friday, June 14, 2024

$49 USD

(Check my socials or mailing list for discounts!)


North America & Hawai'i: 7 HST, 10 PT, 11 MT, 12 CT, 13 ET

Europe & India: 18 BST, 19 CEST, 20:30 IST

I want to make money
& be happy!
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