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Who Needs Training? Can any singer coach?

Updated: May 28

This is a summary of the article that is available on Medium. You can read the whole article there, or click below to watch the video.

A pro singer recently reached out to me for training. She wanted to learn to coach other singers. Great!

Then she changed her mind.

Why she changed her mind is interesting, and stuck in my brain-bowl. She didn't ask, but I had some thoughts. So I'm sharing my thoughts with you.

Getting training as a voice teacher or vocal coach isn't required by law, but it sure makes the world better for you. Your clients get better outcomes, you make more money, and you're happy at your job.

All the things we want!


Band singers and singer/songwriters are unique.
Their assumptions about music, and the world of music may not be the same as yours! This free mini-ebook will help.
Colorful and an easy read, this super-short book will tell you what you need to know about your singers of popular styles!

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