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The Power of Prediction: How Your Singing Brain Predicts

This is a summary of the article that is available on Medium. You can read the whole article there, or click below to watch the video. There's a fascinating connection between your brain's predictions and singing. NeuroVocal for Popular Styles explores how your brain influences your singing voice through predictive processing.

In this article/video, I share two eye-opening studies: one on wine tasting, showcasing how perceptions impact taste, and another, Mind Over Milkshakes, revealing the physiological effects of beliefs on hunger. Although it may seem strange, these studies infer things about the brain that matter to singers. They explain predictive processing which affects the singer's experience during practice, coaching sessions, and performances.

NeuroVocal Method focuses on training the brain to prioritize the interoceptive sensory experience of singing, leading to easier and more reliable performances.


Band singers and singer/songwriters are unique.
Their assumptions about music, and the world of music may not be the same as yours! This free mini-ebook will help.
Colorful and an easy read, this little book-cicle will tell you what you need to know about your singers of popular styles!

#meredithcolby blog post about #brainscience and the power of #predictiveprocessing. This is a foundation theory behind #neurovocal , created for #singers, voice teachers, and vocal coaches by Colby. This post contains #freedownload of an original #ebook about #bandsingers, #singersongwriters, and how voice professionals can help them. Meredith is a #voicecoach, a #vocalcoach, and a #voiceteacher from #chicago. She helps #voiceteachers and #vocalcoaches teach for #popularstyles and #microphonestyles by teaching privately, supplying helpful content, and offering a #certificationclass in #neurovocalmethod.

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