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FREE Online Lessons Resource Pack

Emergency Info Pack for Voice And Instrumental Teachers.

The whole world has moved to cyberspace, and we voice and music teachers have moved with it!

Love it? Hate it? Just trying to make it work?

If you're like me, you're grateful that we have the option to teach online; grateful to have a way to stay connected with our students and continue to earn an income. But it DID all happen in one fell swoop. We've had to figure out a lot of things really quickly!

If you click THIS LINK (or the picture) it will bring you to my Online Lessons Resource Pack. Three chapters, each one addressing our most immediate issues:

  • Online Lessons (for dummies)

  • Getting Your Students On Board Online

  • How to Create an Online Recital

Here's the good news: I'm no expert at any of these things! I'm just someone who's made it work and is pretty good at explaining things. These are not fancy instructions designed for super tech savvy people. These are simple instructions in regular-people language. And it's #free.

Music/voice teachers are the nicest people. I hope this helps. 💜

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