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ENOUGH ALREADY! 8 Strategies for Keeping Sane in a Crazy Time

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

It looks as though we’ll be sheltering in place for a while. At least. Some of us are sheltering with our families, nuclear or extended. That kind of closeness is...close. Some of us are sheltering in our own personal spaces. That same space that you used to cherish as a sanctuary isn’t feeling so much that way anymore.

You may be struggling to maintain, while recreating, your business. You've probably moved your business to your home and EVERYONE is home. Defacto, stressful. If you live alone, you may feel lonely; you're cut off from your normal support systems.

We’ve managed so far, but now many of us have reached a point where, perhaps, our skin is a bit thinner.

The following list of suggestions is not designed to give you another thing to do. It's just to put some ideas in your head, and hopefully something will resonate with you!

Think about them, be inspired by them, or blow them off entirely. The fact is, though, that we have a way to go with the current situation. It’s hard on everyone. Maybe one or two of these ideas will help you be happier and less stressed.

No. 1: Say "No"