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How to Develop Vocal Style

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Find Your Artistic Voice In Microphone Styles

When it comes to style, voice teachers generally fall into one of two categories. (I'm saying...generally.)

  • We’re classically trained and don’t feel confident about working with the style element of microphone genres, or

  • We’re microphone singers our own selves and haven’t really needed to think about style. We just do it.

If you’re in either of those categories, you might not have a plan for addressing style in your students’ singing, or for helping them develop their own style. But if your student wants to explore their musical voice, both literally and figuratively, you may be the only source of safe space and guidance for that person.


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Finding or developing your style takes certain skills and attributes. Among those attributes are:

  • musical knowledge

  • the ability to discern what you’re hearing

  • curiosity

  • willingness to try uncomfortable things