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Guest Post from a Singer Who Never Thought She Was a Singer


Susan Spaeth Cherry

When I was 7 or 8, I was in my friend's basement, listening to songs from "The Music Man" on vinyl. My friend belted out one tune after another like a miniature Ethel Merman, but I was too shy to join in, even though I could sing on pitch and knew the songs.

As a teen, I rarely sang unless I was driving with the radio on. I never considered joining my school's choir or auditioning for a show. Singing just wasn't "my thing," or so I thought.

Decades later, I started doing karaoke with my grown daughter at a bar that had private rooms. To my surprise, it was so much fun! So in my 50s, I joined a choir-- one where you didn't have to audition. I was astounded at how much I enjoyed our weekly rehearsals and our performances.