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Gigs for Singers

Updated: Feb 23

What's Available, and What To Know

Often when singers think of gigging, they only consider bars and music theater stages. But if you’re interested in performing in public, there are many more choices than that!

At the end of this post there’s an option to download a pdf of gig types and features. It lists 16 different types of gigs, with a description about each one. It also has a cross-reference chart about who will pay you, how they’ll treat you, and whether you’ll have an attentive audience. (con't below...)


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There isn’t a manual for how to gig; every situation is different. You can learn a lot from talking with other musicians and joining facebook groups for performing musicians in your area or in your genre. Going out to watch bands and singers doing the kinds of gigs you’re interested in doing will both inform you and boost your confidence. After an hour of watching a singer perform, you’re very likely to think, “I could do that”!

Band gigs

Being in a band of like-minded musicians is a really great thing. If you’re all ambitious, you can rehearse and gig out often. If you’re all people with kids at home you can