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Free Download, Tech Edition

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Voice students wish list for tech making online lessons easier.
Free Download

The Online Student's Wish List

Are you taking lessons online?

Are you giving lessons online?

Did you know that there are some simple solutions to common challenges, and some great tools to make the most of online lessons. For instance:

Controls for camera height

  • Microphones

  • Sound

  • Lighting

This download explains the why, and gives you links to affordable, good quality solutions. You can even send this to your student as-is!

Your studio microphone setup for practicing and teaching.
Free download for voice teachers

Your Studio Microphone Setup

This download is for the microphone novice. It shows you what you'll need, and gives recommendations for affordable, good-quality gear. I even made a video (the link is in the pdf) to walk you through the setup! This pdf gives recommendations for:

  • Microphones

  • Stands

  • Cords

  • Amplification

  • Mic head cleaner!

Just so you know...

When you get this free download you'll also be on my mailing list! 🥰

I send free & helpful stuff regularly, and also let you know what my livestream subject is every week. So, you know...not too much stuff. But if you're singer, it's good stuff! And... if you're a voice teacher or coach, it's GREAT!

#meredithcolby blog post for #freedownload. This download is meant to help #voiceteachers #voicecoaches and #vocalcoaches who teacher online, and who teach singers of #CCM or #PCM styles. Meredith is a #voicecoach, a #vocalcoach, and a #voiceteacher from #chicago. She helps #voiceteachers and #vocalcoaches teach for #popularstyles and #microphonestyles by teaching privately, supplying helpful content, and offering a #certificationclass in #neurovocalmethod, also called #NVM and #NeuroVocal for Popular Styles.

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