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Amanda Kaiser

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Sing City Vocal Studio

Sing City is a small boutique studio where you get lots of personalized attention to set all your dreams and goals in motion! You will be a part of an elite group of performers age 10 and up who love the stage and are super motivated to work to be the best they can be!

Vocal coach/audition magician Amanda Kaiser is also a professional entertainer in Las Vegas who studied musical theater at The Boston Conservatory. She has studied under Dr. Shannon Coates in the Vocal Instrument 101 and the Voice Ped Undegree where she focuses on how best to serve clients with a student led coaching style. Amanda has also trained with Sheri Sanders in NYC in her Rock the Audition program helping students with all styles of pop/rock tunes for musical theater and performance. She is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and the Speakeasy Cooperative.



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