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NeuroVocal Professional Training
& Certification

It's a fact:

Most voice students want to learn to sing popular styles.

You ready to do something about that?

You’ve found a big problem.

Teaching popular styles to other people feels hard.

You get inconsistent results from your students.

Sometimes you feel like an imposter.

Of course it's hard!

Because you learned how to sing “properly” according to the rules you were taught in university


you never learned to "sing properly" and got your singing degree from the university of life, singing into a mic on stage.

Meredith Colby

You might have been taught...

  • that pop singing can “ruin” a voice.

  • that classical technique can be applied to all styles of singing.

  • that you "should have" a college degree in music if you want to coach singers.

  • that you shouldn't need to learn how to teach or coach popular styles.

Sick of that baloney yet?

NeuroVocal is a groundbreaking approach to training singers.


there's an implication that we need to sing, listen, and appraise at the same time. This approach is:

  • neurologically inefficient (so... not a brain hack)

  • slow: it takes a whole-lotta time for your brain to integrate these skills

  • not applicable to popular, microphone-based genres where singers perform in environments where they cannot hear themselves well or at all.


Specifically for microphone-based genres and based on neuroscience research, this adaptive approach

  • trains the brain to respond to an internal experience of singing.

    • this creates reliable and sustainable singing in challenging sonic environments. 

  • engages the nature of the brain to alter the existing motor memories for singing.

  • utilizes the predictive power of the brain to create ridiculously efficient phonation.

  • opens up new and powerful new sound possibilities for singers of popular styles.

  • grows the artist & the singing voice without changing who they are.


Ready to find out if you're ready for the magical, this-is-a-hoot kind of change that NVM offers?

Let's find out if NeuroVocal training is right for you. This is a free, 30-minute session with Meredith. 

Join the
NVM Certified Coaches
around the world!

Brain Science Applied

NVM is based on the aesthetics of popular styles, voice physiology, and neuroscience.  Based on over 25 years of independent study and performance application, this approach is road tested! 

NeuroVocal helps singers “rewire” their brains to make sound in the most sustainable and efficient way possible. 


Your students will be amazed at their range, volume, and stamina!

Your students will think you’re magical.

They’ll talk about you as the teacher who finally gave them their voice. 

I have a DMA and I've done a lot of continuing education.
NVM is THE most worthwhile pedagogy-based training I've ever done.

Dr. Bethany Turpin

Singer, Voice Teacher, Studio Owner

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

People who take this course are:

  • classically trained singers & teachers.

  • self-trained band singers & singer/songwriters.

  • independent & adjunct teachers with students singing popular styles. (rock, pop, contemporary music theater, R&B, indy, hip-hop, country, etc.)

  • excited by learning new, rock-your-world + science-y things.

  • ready to add coaching skills to their teaching.

  • committed to serving their singers of popular styles.

  • interested in understanding the role of neurology in singing.

Not a reader?

This video is about:

  • Who this course is for.

  • Where did NVM come from?

  • What we do in class.

  • How is teaching popular styles different?

  • Secrets about your pop/rock clients.

23 Weeks: