Live Events

Student Performance

Fall recital for private students!

Meredith's studio clients strut their stuff!  Join us at the Deerfield Golf Club, 1201 Saunders Rd, Riverwoods, IL on Sunday, November 17 at 5:00!

Voice Teachers Conference

October 3-6, 2019

Meredith will be a presenting educator at the first annual SECO conference for independent voice teachers at FAME Music in Charleston, SC

Author Fair

September 21, 2019

Don't miss this event! Books on sale for 25% off, other cool authors, everyone giving away treats and tchotchkes, and you can return those overdue books!


Voice Magic:

How to Create Magical Improvements in Your Voice!

Want to up your game?  Want to keep your voice sounding young and strong? You need a little Voice Magic to improve your singing and speaking voice forever!  

This six-week class will change the way you think about your voice!  

* What’s a voice and how does it work?

* What’s a vocal “break” and how to defeat it

* The neuroscience of singing (for beginners)

* How hidden habits control your voice

* How your voice responds to your internal and external environment

* How to get the most from your singing or speaking for the least work

* How to use your sixth sense to improve your singing and speaking

* Targeting singing challenges


Saturdays from 4:30-6:00 in October, 2019



A lot of bang for your buck!

  • Ever been frustrated by your vocal break?

  • Wished you could get a better pop sound?

  • Does your voice feel tired after a rehearsal?

  • Do you wish you could sing louder?

In just three hours you'll learn what's been holding you back.  For less than the price of one voice lesson, you'll learn what your brain does when you sing and how to "trick" it to get better results.

Join other singers and teachers for a fun and enjoyable investment in your voice.

Discount for Early Registration!

Introduction to Neuro-Vocal Method:

Healthy CCM/Popular Singing for

Voice Teachers & Singers

Sunday, September 8,  2019

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