Types of Private Sessions

Online Sessions

For now, while we are all taking COVID-19 precautions, all sessions will be online.

If you've never had online voice lessons or vocal coaching before, you're in for a treat!  It's fun, flexible, and unlike karaoke in your basement, it will actually help you become a better singer!  You can also record your sessions so you can a) see how fabulous you look and b) have your session for reference later!

You'll get really specific instructions when you sign up.  I promise I won't assume you know how to do an online lesson.  But really, don't worry.  They're easy.

Introductory sessions and single (or coaching) sessions are 1 hour. Private weekly sessions are 50 minutes.  Please scroll down to the lesson type you're looking for.

Audition or Song Coaching

You've answered the questions about this performance when you scheduled, you know your music, and you've got a goal. 

You want to walk out of that audition, or off of that stage, knowing that you sang your butt off.  You left those people with the best performance - the best version of you - that you could give them.

This is Power Vocal Coaching!  Together we'll make your performance the best it can be!

Initial Session

You filled out a questionnaire when you reserved your time,

so I know a little about you.  Now I get to listen to your voice!

I'll give you some feedback (all good stuff, I promise)

and give you a mini voice lesson; I'll teach you something based on what I see and hear.

You'll absolutely leave that first session with something of value. 

Whatever I teach you will be something you can apply to your singing right now  to get more out of your voice.

If the initial session feels like a good fit,

if I'm the vocal coach for you, we can schedule regular, weekly session times.

Private Voice Sessions

You've already had your initial session, so now we're getting to work.  We're changing the way your brain responds to the "sing" command.  We're getting to a better version of you.  Not different.  Better.  You with a bigger range, more stamina, more volume.

A typical, weekly session is part brain-training exercises, and part singing.  How much of each depends on you, and what's happening in your singing life.

A student who actively participates in the voice lesson process will experience magical changes in just a short time.  

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