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Janine Elf

Elf Music Studio

Entiat, WA, USA

I have been teaching for over 25 years and have had students of many ages ( 2-72) and abilities. My expertise is in helping students with auditions and performing. I use jazz, classical, country, pop, rock, theater and gospel music. Most of all it is my job to make sure that the lessons are fun and growth happens consistently, Each lesson should produce that "Aha! moment" for the student. As a voice teacher I believe it is much easier for students to learn when they can copy or emulate a teacher who basically does what they preach. Some of my students choose to have me sing with them until they are ready to sing on their own. Singing comes from the heart and can be a bit scary for some (feelings of vulnerability). My goal is to respect that and create an environment of discovery and fun. For those who would like to be challenged, I am quite happy to oblige. Some people call voice lessons cheap therapy, you leave feeling lighter, joyful and more confident in your skill.


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