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Angie Marianthi

Boise Music Lessons

Boise, Idaho, USA

Angie Marianthi is a musician, teacher, and creative entrepreneur. In 2015 she founded Boise Music Lessons, a boutique studio that teaches adults and families to connect through campfire songs. Through Boise Music Lessons, Angie uses music as a tool to build and strengthen communities, and works to dispel the myth that you have to be inherently “musical” in order to play an instrument.

Combining her Bachelor of Arts in Music, Masters of Health Science in Health Promotion, and yoga teacher certifications, Angie has created a unique course curriculum that allows musical enthusiasts to play together, either in-person or virtually, at any stage of the learning process. Her innovative teaching and business practices have been featured by Good Morning America, the Idaho Press Tribune, Music Studio Startup, The Happy Musicians Podcast, and more.


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