August 3, 2019

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March 18, 2017

Day 28: If You Can Speak You Can Sing



Singing is fancy speaking. It’s loud speaking in which one intentionally matches pitch and rhythm. They’re both a form of phonation; that is, blowing air through your vocal folds. In fact, there’s a concept called “speech to song illusion” that says that speech is the God Particle of music – that if you repeat a phrase in exactly the same way for six or more times you’ll realize that you’re singing. In fact, you’re probably singing with more pitch dexterity than is needed in singing Western music with its 12-tone scale. Try it…simply doing that exercise will show you that, while you may not be John Legend, you are really very adept at intentionally matching pitch and rhythm.


Nota bene: L.A. voice coach Roger Burnley has a terrific video about starting to use your vocal chords for deliberate pitch that leads to singing.


TAKEAWAY:  If you want to sing you can. Give yourself a chance to get the hang of it, and avail yourself to loving and helpful teachers.

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