In honor of today, World Voice Day, take a moment to behold the miracle that is the human voice. In its simplicity, it's a valve in your respiratory system. As a small miracle, it's comprised of staggering capability in both form and function. It has made us what we are as a species. With it we connect with one another, share beauty and history, bring thoughts into form, and expand the reach of our consciousness.

You don’t have to know a lot about your voice to love it for what it can do. Your speaking voice can inspire, reassure, or educate another person; gifts beyond measure. Your singing voice can calm your baby to sleep, connect you with a group, or excite a multitude; profound contributions to the good in the world.

TAKEAWAY: Today on #WorldVoiceDay take one minute to consider the miracle of the #humanvoice. Feel #gratitude for your own voice, and the voices that have brought beauty, joy, comfort, and healing into your life.

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