Countdown to World Voice Day

30 Vocal Tips in 30 Days


Anything that is a shared trait among a large number of people is a trait that helped you get here. Evolution theory says that individuals with traits that help them survive are then, because of surviving, able to pass those genes on to their progeny.

One sensible theory about stage frights says that social anxiety was a survival response to “hostile dominants,” triggering escape, avoidance, or submissive behavior. So, from a monkey-brain perspective, you’re getting stage fright because you think your audience is going to kill you. That’s extreme, but not unnatural. Your monkey brain may just think they’re hostile, aggressors, or want your stuff.

Stage fright becomes debilitating – causing nausea, dry-mouth, tremors, blurred vision, etc. – when your mind invests in or exaggerates that natural response. Tomorrow I’ll have some suggestions for you.

TAKEAWAY: Stage fright is normal, but extreme #stagefright is horrible. Check in tomorrow for ways to deal with it.

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