Countdown to World Voice Day

30 Vocal Tips in 30 Days


Sooner or later, it’ll trash your voice. Especially if you’re a singer. If you stopped, you'd recover.

Even if you’re willing to risk cancer, emphysema, and the unattractive fallout of those diseases, there are other considerations. Smoking causes thickening and inflammation of the vocal folds. In that condition they’re much more susceptible to the stresses of use, overuse, or coughing.

You’re much more likely to do profound or permanent damage. You’ll also fall victim to laryngitis and upper respiratory conditions more easily. You’ll definitely lose some or all of your high notes.

If you’re looking for some motivation to quit, look up images of Reinke’s Edema, or smoker’s polyps. They’re conditions common to smokers, and they’re really icky.

TAKEAWAY: You know. I don’t have to say.

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