Countdown to World Voice Day

30 Vocal Tips in 30 Days


One of the great gifts of art is that it is impossible to achieve perfection. As soon as you climb to the next level of proficiency of your art form, you have the vision see the level beyond that. Art is both subjective and expansive by its nature. In the arts you’re never finished, never perfect, and never bullet-proof.

I’ve had a number of students, over the years, who have told me they plan to sing in public but who never took the leap. They’d sing in one of my recitals or group classes, get all jazzed with the thrill of performance, and then settle back into the safety of lessons and tell me they’re not ready to perform.

You’ll never be perfect, but you can always begin. At some point, to get what you want, you’ll have to begin. If you want a little push, go out and listen to a local singer doing the sort of thing you want to do. As you watch and listen there will be a voice inside you saying, “I can do that”! You’ll think you’re as good as that singer, or that you could be as good with some experience, or that you’re better. Let that little voice push you into starting!

TAKEAWAY: #Dontwaittobeperfect ! Begin!

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