Countdown to World Voice Day

30 Vocal Tips in 30 Days


If possible. I have to add “if possible” to that headline because it doesn’t always apply. But it often does.

Want to start a band?

Sing in someone else’s band first.

Want to start singing out as a solo singer-songwriter?

Hang out at open mics and songwriter nights and talk to (and by “talk” I mean “listen”) people who have been at it a while.

Want to start a music school?

Teach at someone else’s first.

No matter what you want to do (unless it is truly groundbreaking) somebody else has already done it and written a book about it. Even if your perception is that the thing you’re planning to do seems easy, there are little mistakes you’ll make along the way that will create regrettable bumps in your road. Those bumps cost time, money, energy, and sometimes heartbreak.

If you can’t get direct experience, e.g., sing in someone else’s band or teach at someone else’s music school, you can learn indirectly from someone who’s made the mistakes already by reading their book (or blog) or listening to their podcast. Why learn at your own expense when you can learn at someone else’s? Why not avail yourself to abundance of help and knowledge for musicians and singers that is already out there?

TAKEAWAY: You’re not immune to failure, and failure is good. But if you can, #gethelp. #LearnNewThings from #otherpeoplesexperience.

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