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In 1929, a number of Virginia Woolf’s essays were released as a book, called A Room of One’s Own. Her argument was that the dearth of female writers was due in great measure to the reality that women had no money or time of their own. She posited that if a woman had, “£500 (apx. $32,000 in today’s money) a year and room of her own” that she could write as well and as much as a man.

I often think about that in terms of improving one’s singing. I’ve had many students, over the years, tell me that the reason they don’t practice is because they have no place to practice. Singing is loud. You have to have a place to practice.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Sing into your closet. Standing in front of your closet will muffle the sound tremendously as your clothes absorb the sound.

  • Rent a practice space. Google “rehearsal space” and you’ll find places that rent rehearsal space to musicians. You can sublet if you don’t want it seven days.

  • Stop caring. If you’re practicing during the normal, daytime hours when people make noise, then people who can hear, or object to, your noise can just get over themselves. It might turn out that your neighbors love it!

  • Create a “sound booth” in a corner of your space with foam or acoustic ceiling tiles.

TAKEAWAY: Find a way. If you want to improve you have to #practicesinging. There’s always someplace to practice.

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