Countdown to World Voice Day

30 Vocal Tips in 30 Days

Tip No. 4: Just Say "Yes"! (Your brain can hear you...)

We’re worriers by nature. Humans have a predilection to negativity; even light-hearted people. We’re critical and judgmental of ourselves and our worlds. Positive thoughts seldom happen naturally, but rather need to be conjured up deliberately.

Why do you care? Because a brain that’s engaged in negative thoughts – about one’s self or about one’s external world – is engaged with behavior inhibition, and (probably irrational) behavior processing, i.e., judging yourself.

A mind that is thinking negative thoughts is not being creative or compassionate, and it’s not open to learning. (O. Longe, NeuroImage Journal, No. 49.)

Though that naturally-worried state of mind was probably a good thing back when humans were consumed with basic survival issues, it really gets in the way of being a productive, happy person here in the 21st century.

If you want to get better at something – singing, for instance - you have to learn something new, and then practice it until it’s integrated and natural. Negatively criticizing oneself slows this process down tremendously.

TAKEAWAY: Having an open and playful attitude toward making natural mistakes as you’re getting the hang of something new will allow the learning process to go as quickly as possible.

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