Countdown to World Voice Day

30 Vocal Tips in 30 Days

Tip No. 5: Have Fun Singing

Back before we had the digital music delivery options we have today, you had to play piano or guitar if you wanted to have 24/7 access to accompaniment for your singing. If you couldn’t play, you had to find someone who could, or just sing acapella in your living room.

Happily, we now have instant access to the full band or orchestra accompaniment to nearly any song we want to sing! Through our computers or our phones, we can access YouTube, where nice people upload millions of karaoke tracks for free. There are several sites that even let you alter the key a little to make a song more comfortable to sing. Even streaming services supply backing tracks!

There are also apps for learning to sing harmonies and for warming up your voice. There are apps for creating your own tracks. There are many voice teachers (including yours truly) who create exercise and warm-up tracks that you can use at your convenience.

This incredibly easy access to backing tracks is not only fun, it’s a great practice tool to help you improve your skills.

TAKEAWAY: #Singallthetime

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