Countdown to World Voice Day

30 Vocal Tips in 30 Days

Tip No. 6: Have Fun Singing in a Group

Choirs are for other people. Until you join one.

Once you do, you realize how transformative it is to sing in a group; to have your voice be melded into the greater whole of music and complex sound waves. Singing in a group gets you out of the house, moving your body, and interacting with other people. It cheers you up, enriches your day and your life, and gives you a vehicle through which to add beauty to the world. According to my neuroscience hero, Daniel Levitin, it even releases oxytocin, the hormone of bonding, in the singer.

Stacy Horn, a writer who did not consider herself a strong singer, found the experience of singing in group so powerful that she wrote a book about it called Imperfect Harmony.

If you’re afraid to try out for a choir, please don’t be. Music people are generally pretty nice. People who run volunteer choral groups are generally especially nice.

TAKEAWAY: If you like to sing, the easiest, cheapest, most available way to get you off your butt, bring you joy, and allow you to contribute positively to the world, is to #joinasinginggroup or #joinachoir

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