Countdown to World Voice Day

30 Vocal Tips in 30 Days

Tip No. 9: There's Room Between the Shower and The Voice

Every time someone tells me they “can’t sing” I cringe a little. Singing is one of the great joys of being human, but many people seem to believe that they have to be GREAT at singing to PARTICIPATE in singing. The fact is that there are a lot of reasons to sing, a lot of places to sing, and a lot of people who would like you to sing for them, or with them. The internet has made is very easy to find community choirs, community theater, karaoke nights, and open mics. You don’t have to be ready for The Voice; if you love to sing you can lead a sing-along at an assisted living facility, sing lullabies at a children’s hospital, start a casual singing group, or join the choir at your church/temple. You may not think you have fun friends, but YouTube karaoke and bottle of wine can turn anyone into a fun friend! TAKEAWAY: You don’t have to be perfect. Begin. #SINGINGISFUN

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