Countdown to World Voice Day

30 Vocal Tips in 30 Days


  • Vocal nodules are, basically, little bumps on your vocal folds. There are several conditions that can result in vocal cord bumps.

  • Nodes are typically caused from speech habits, overuse, or trauma.

  • Your voice teacher did not give you nodes.

  • Different people have different voices; more or less vulnerable to damage and fatigue.

  • Being diagnosed with vocal nodes only means that you need to find out why you have them, and address the issue.

  • Nodes are not a statement about your singing.

  • Nodes are small bumps that keep the vocal folds from coming completely together. Continuing to sing and speak with nodes will create other compensatory behaviors in the larynx, as well as allowing “soft” nodes to become “hard.”

  • If you change your speech habits and rest your voice, most vocal nodular-type conditions can heal and go away.

  • Speech therapists help people with this. So do voice teachers.

  • If a laryngologist determines that you need surgery to remove your nodes, don’t fret. Laser surgery for voices is precise, heals quickly, and is very low risk.

TAKEAWAY: If you have nodes, or think you have #vocalnodes, don’t judge. Get a diagnosis, learn, and heal.

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