30 Vocal Tips in 30 Days

Tip No. 21: Vocal Fry. Do It or Don't.

The vocal fry, also known as the glottal scrape, gets a lot of bad rap.

Voice people tell you it’s bad for your voice.

It’s not.

Sexists tell you it’s an annoying thing young women do.


Consultants say women use it to make their business contributions softer and less threatening to men.

Also no.

In making the sound of the vocal fry, you relax your vocal chords without increasing the amount of air moving through them, which creates a slower vibration. This doesn’t hurt your vocal folds. Whether or not your listener finds it annoying is their deal, not yours. (JohnHopkins:Is-Vocal-Fry-Ruining-My-Voice)

Like everything else about your self-image - the way you dress, the music you listen to, the institutions you belong to – you’re the one who gets to decide. Do you like the way you sound when you speak? Do you think your speaking is representing you accurately? Yes or no? Figure out why, and you can own it or fix it.

TAKEAWAY: #VocalFry doesn't hurt your voice. The way you sound when you speak is up to you.

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