Countdown to World Voice Day

30 Vocal Tips in 30 Days

No. 22: Vocal Damage Happens Sometimes

Like the descriptors "jazz" and "liberal", the term "vocal damage" can have a lot of different meanings.

Some of your favorite singers have vocal damage; that is, irregular vocal folds or inefficient phonation, and that may be the very reason you love their voices!

Singers can be very hard on themselves if they think they have vocal damage, but the fact is that if you use your voice a lot, you’re more likely to experience vocal damage. Baseball pitchers get shoulder problems, runners get knee problems. It’s the nature of the beast. That doesn't mean you WILL get vocal damage - most people can avoid it with good vocal health habits. But it does mean you're not naughty or bad if you DO damage your voice. You use your voice. It happens.

If you have vocal damage and you've determined that the damage is the type that inhibits your singing (which you’ll know) or is likely to get worse (which it’s been doing, if it’s that kind of damage) please see a laryngologist STAT!

TAKEAWAY: Having #vocaldamage doesn’t mean you’re a bad singer. But, if your voice has been changing for the worse or feels inhibited, get a professional diagnosis.

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