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30 Vocal Tips in 30 Days

No. 4 JUST SAY YES (Your Brain Can Hear You)

We’re worriers by nature. Humans have a predilection to negativity; even light-hearted people. We’re critical and judgmental of ourselves and our worlds. Positive thoughts seldom happen naturally, but rather need to be conjured up deliberately.

Why do you care? Because a brain that’s engaged in negative thoughts – about one’s self or about one’s external world – is engaged with behavior inhibition, and (probably irrational) behavior processing, i.e., judging yourself. It is not being creative or compassionate, and it’s not open to learning. (O. Longe, NeuroImage Journal, No. 49.)

Though that naturally-worried state of mind was probably a good thing back when humans were consumed with basic survival issues, it really gets in the way of being a productive, happy person here in the 21st century.

If you want to get better at something – singing, for instance - you have to learn something new, and then practice it until it’s integrated and natural. Negatively criticizing oneself slows this process down tremendously.

TAKEAWAY: Having an open and playful attitude toward making natural mistakes as you’re getting the hang of something new will allow the learning process to go as quickly as possible.

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