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30 Tips in 30 Days: Vocal Tip No. 25

Updated: Mar 17

Countdown to World Voice Day


Studies have shown that lower-pitched voices are perceived (in the western world) to be more confident, authoritative, or powerful. The result of that perception is that women often force their voices into an unnaturally low pitch range when they speak. It’s like the vocal version of wearing a suit. You’re not consciously thinking, “I want to look like a man.” You’re simply aware that you intend to be taken seriously, so you sport your serious business attire.

The same goes for your voice. In the quest to be taken seriously in the professional world, women as a whole have taught themselves to use their voices in an unhealthy way. Using your voice in a pitch range that is lower than what is natural to you is tiring to the voice, and over time can cause even cause vocal nodules or polyps.

TAKEAWAY: Use your natural pitch range for speaking. It may be higher than you’re used to, but you’ll notice less vocal fatigue and hoarseness over time. Show your confidence and authority with great posture and good eye contact instead!

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