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30 Tips in 30 Days: Vocal Tip No. 26

Updated: Mar 17

Countdown to World Voice Day


Most of us think of our posture as a function of our backs. But most doctors will tell you that a person will reap the benefits of good posture primarily in the neck and head.

For singers, not only does good posture look fabulous, it makes efficient use of the larynx possible, so you sound fabulous as well.

People who have poor posture tend to reach out or up with their chins when they talk or sing. This position puts pressure on the larynx. You’re still making sound, you’re just making your voice work much harder. Throwing your shoulders back won’t help, but there is a way to create healthier posture in a way that can become a habit: lift up just a bit from your sternum.

TAKEAWAY: Good posture is worth the effort. Give yourself the chance to get the hang of it.

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