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30 Tips in 30 Days: Vocal Tip No. 27

Updated: Mar 17

Countdown to World Voice Day


If you’re experiencing vocal fatigue, or frequently find yourself hoarse at the end of the day, then your voice is sending you a message. That message is that you have a habit or behavior that is taxing your voice. Continuing that habit or behavior could lead to vocal injury. If you haven’t let it go too long, you can try to solve the problem yourself before going to a doctor.

FIRST TARGET THE OBVIOUS: Before anything, be aware of both sleep and hydration. Chronic lack of sleep and chronic dehydration are both really hard on your voice. They’re also very common.

TAKEAWAY: If your voice typically feels tired or is hoarse at the end of the day, try drinking at least six glasses of water a day, and sleeping seven or more hours for a few nights in a row, and see what happens! (If that doesn’t fix the problem, a visit to your ENT may be in order.)

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