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Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever is the first and only book that will give you the skinny on the functional neurology of singing, and then apply that to your CCM/Popular singing styles!

"Meredith Colby’s Money Notes book is what contemporary and commercial singers have been waiting for! This book will explain the components of Ms. Colby’s “Neuro-Vocal Method” using a Banana Split model (and how could that be bad?). You’ll easily see how breathing, posture, vocal registers, tone placement, etc. fit into the model. Her well-thought-out and easy-to follow exercises have you concentrating on how this new voice feels, rather than how it sounds. You’ll change your entire perception of what singing is….and what it isn’t. Ms. Colby shares her personal story, and her wonderful sense of humor, to make this an effortless read. As a vocologist/voice therapist/singing teacher, I’ve already started using her techniques with my pop and musical theater students, with smashing results. Even this old “Recovering Classical Singer” is finding new power and facility in a completely non-classical singing style…and I’m loving it! Forget the old adage that only classical technique is healthy singing; this book debunks that beautifully. I even use these techniques to help teachers and other speaking voice professionals obtain vocal power without strain. I highly recommend this book to any singer or singing teacher who, like me, was trained classically, but wants to sing contemporary and commercial music effectively and effortlessly. Brava, Meredith Colby"!
- Karen Sussman, MA, CCC, Vocologist and Singing Teacher

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