Neuro-Vocal Method Certification

The fact is

most people who take voice lessons

don't want lessons.

They want healthy CCM/Pop/Rock technique.

They want to sound authentic. 

It's your job to help them.

And to keep their voices healthy.

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You might have been taught that pop singing "ruins" the voice, or that "good" technique can be applied to all styles of singing.  Maybe you believed it.  Or maybe you believed it just enough. 

But you know that most of your students want to learn CCM/Popular.  They want to sound like the singers they love.


Neuro-Vocal Method will get them what they want.


Maybe you’re concerned that people who sing pop can't have healthy voices.  

Or... maybe you're questioning that notion.  After all, there are a lot of touring pop and rock singers who still sound good into their 60's and even their 70's! 

You take your role seriously.  You're serious about keeping voices healthy; serious about helping your students express themselves with accuracy and skill. 

You may not feel confident about training others in a type of music that you haven't been trained in.

Neuro-Vocal Method has an answer for that.

Meredith is brilliant.  My mix has never felt easier, and my own teaching of contemporary styles has benefitted immensely from the Neuro-Vocal Method.  My students are mixing like pros and finding vocal ease where they used to struggle.  Meredith is patient and kind while delivering amazing results.  If there's any sense in the world, Neuro-Vocal is going to be the next Big Thing in vocal pedagogy.

-  Kate Rosen, Kate Rosen Voice Studio, Detroit Area, MI

This course is for you if...

  • You're a voice teacher or coach who is:

    • classically trained

    • a self-trained pop singer

  • You have students who want to sing popular styles (contemporary music theater, rock, R&B, hip-hop, indy, etc.)

  • You love your students

  • You love learning new stuff, especially science-y stuff

  • You want professional training that is affordable

  • You don't want to change everything you do in your teaching, just add to it

  • You've been less-than-confident about asking for help with this issue

  • You want to learn from a teacher who really gets both classical and popular

  • You want a fancy new certificate to hang on the wall of your teaching studio

This is so me!

I found Meredith's course packed full of info in a clear and concise way ,and it was fun!! She takes the time each class to work with you and answer each specific question so you can be sure to understand the concepts. I've started working on some of the exercises with my students and they love them! If you are thinking about taking this course, stop thinking and DO IT! You won't regret it and your students will LOVE you for it!

Amanda Kaiser, Sing City Vocal Studio, Las Vegas

You should absolutely not sign up for this course if...

  • You believe there is only one right way to teach singing

  • You think singing CCM/Popular is hazardous to the voice

  • You agree that classical technique is appropriate for every kind of singing

  • You feel you have to compete with other voice teachers

  • You're a "just tell me what to do...get to the bottom line" person

  • You cannot attend, live-in-person, at least 6 of the 8 online sessions (that's important!)

Also, do not sign up

if you're grumpy because you can't reach the kitchen counter

I took Meredith’s training and… got immediate results from my students.  They were singing better, and making sounds they never made before.  There was delight, there was joy… they were so excited. This really does work. 

Terry Hodges,  professional concert, mutic theater, and opera singer

Voice faculty, Creighton Universtiy

You got this!

You know a classical ballet teacher can train to teach modern dance, and stage-trained theater teacher can learn to teach on-camera methods.


Well, good news!  A classically trained voice teacher can learn to teach healthy CCM/Popular technique!

You can stop worrying about not knowing how to help your students, whom to ask, or what you think you should  know about teaching pop. 

Because you're a pro.  And pro's like you learn.  And get better.

My Bachelors and Masters Degrees are in vocal performance and music education and my vocal training was primarily classical, but over half of my student population was looking for training in contemporary commercial music. Though I could sing it myself, I really felt like I was underserving my students and that I lacked the tools to be able to teach what I was already doing in my own pop and theater singing.

Enter Meredith Colby and the Neuro-Vocal Method! After reading her book "Money Notes" I realized this was the missing piece to my studio puzzle and I enrolled in her certification course.

Each weekly session was the highlight of my week because Meredith made what was for me a very hard to define part of my art very easy and accessible. She made it so easy to understand not only how but why the Neuro Vocal Method just works, and after the second lesson I realized my own singing was improving and I had EASY access to parts of my own high chest mix that were very laborious before. An added bonus were the amazing singers and teachers that were in the course with me. My classmates were some AMAZING people and I learned so much listening to them sing and discuss the concepts as well.

Not every method and every teacher is for every singer or every singing teacher, but the Neuro Vocal Method and Meredith Colby's coaching sure are for ME and MY students! Some of my students have seen immediate improvements after just their first session with me implementing the beginning NVM concepts. When that young tenor who has been struggling with G4 suddenly and without realizing it vocalizes up to a D5 in warmups, you know you've found something special! An added value for me was actually being able to implement some of these concepts into my classical singing as well!

Brian Sharp, Voice Teacher, Multi-Instrumentalist: Great Scot Music,  Gray, TN

Voice teacher & NVM Certified teacher 

Samuel Palmer  

Charge Like an Expert

Professionals with experience, skills, and training charge a premium for their services.  Clients expect to pay more for professionals who get results. 

If you're the voice professional who's certified in Neuro-Vocal Method, and you're known as the teacher who can get students healthy "belt" voices...well, you've just become that professional.  

You're the freelance expert who gets results.

When you're providing what people need, having a higher price tag isn't a risk. 

It's an expectation.

Students who want help with their pop technique will talk about you as the teacher who finally gave them their voice. 

Being that teacher means you aren't competing with the other voice teachers.

It means you're special. 

You're different. 

You are a high-end product. 

People will come to you because they know you can help them.

Clear, engaging, and compelling.  Meredith Colby has a remarkable capacity make this subject fascinating. Her humor and the deceptive ease with which her method, Neuro-Vocal, can be understood mask the profound new thinking that underlies it.

- Charles Bergeron, EdD ,

University of Miami Frost School of Music

You're gonna love this!

Neuro-Vocal is a method you can confidently use to help your students get the results they want.

Neuro-Vocal Method exploits

the innate tendencies of the brain -

both to steer changes in singing

and to be guided by changes as they occur.

you can actually see how healthy this guy's voice is!

Neuro-Vocal Method encourages vocal health, both keeping students from hurting their voices, and encouraging fast and lasting healing from vocal damage. 

Why?  Because singers stop thinking about how they're making sound.  You will have helped them re-wire their brains in the most healthy and efficient way possible naturally. 

Teaching voice based on solid physiological and neurological principles will ensure life-long, healthy singing.

Meredith's class has been a game-changer for my multi-teacher studio. I'm classically trained, as are all my teachers. Learning the Neuro-Vocal techniques, and the principles behind them, has empowered all of us. Overall, our students make faster progress, and get the sounds they want. The class helped us understand pop aesthetics, and has changed our thinking.

- Sharon North Jones, SNJ Studios, Omaha, NE

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Your certification process is fun and informative!

You'll be with other voice teachers, sharing and learning. Everyone is respected as a professional. Your perspective about pop singing will shift from feeling skepticism or doubt to confidence and authority.

 Online Class!

Live, or replay!

You'll be inspired, excited, and confident to apply your new knowledge with your CCM/Pop students.


Voice teacher &

NVM Certified teacher 

Amanda Kaiser 

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The Skinny...

If you can, you'll want to take the amazing Introduction to Neuro-Vocal course before this one. 

The introduction course is on the Teachable platform.  This 2-hour class will prepare you for enhanced learning.  It's guaranteed to be full of cool "singing & voice" things you've never heard before!

Sign up for certification now and get a promo code for 50% off!

Certification for Neuro-Vocal Method is an 8-hour course of training and workshopping taught by Meredith Colby, creator of Neuro-Vocal Method, and author of Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever.


I deeply recommend this course to every singer who finally wants to know the truth about why she/he can’t hit those da** high notes. :)

Merediths brain-approach was totally new to me but the results were totally different from any other singing program I took before. The course makes you think outside the box so that you can finally get the sound you want! Meredith is such a funny, talented and accurate teacher. Brilliant class!

- Maria Kaulbarsch, singer & voice teacher

They're in a virtual classroom. 

They're either super interested, or they're being hypnotized. 

Or they're zombies.

  • 8 hours of virtual classroom training

  • Video recordings of live classes (in case you miss a class)

  • Facebook group page for questions and community

  • Facebook Live for in-between-times chatting and questions

  • Presentation slides in downloadable format

  • A signed, hard copy of Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever

  • Free access to the self-paced course Introduction to Neuro-Vocal Method on the Teachable platform

  • NVM Certification 

  • 2 Year guarantee!

  • Pre-class personal coffee & kibitz meeting with Meredith

All this for $798**!!

Since this class is 8 weeks over 3 months, why not make it easy to pay for? 

The Early Bird price of $206 will be billed to your card monthly for three months for a total of $618 USD*


That incredible deal (snap!)  AND...

Next class begins June 11, 2021
Class will meet for Fridays at 1:00-2:00 (Central Time)
Hurry! June will be here before you know it!
June 11, 18, 25  July 2 (9 no class) 16, 23, 30  August 6

10:00 AKDT, 11:00 PT, 12:00 MT, 1:00 CT, 2:00 ET, 19:00 BST, 20:00 CEST, 20:00 CEST, 4:00 am Saturday AEST

3 payments over 3 months. Easy-Peasy!

* prices are in USD.  If the exchange rate in your country makes these prices prohibitive, please reach out to me directly

You'll change your entire perception of what singing is....and what it isn't.  As a vocologist/voice therapist/singing teacher, I've already started using her techniques with my pop and musical theater students, with smashing results. Even this old "Recovering Classical Singer" is finding new power and facility in a completely non-classical singing style...and I'm loving it!  I even use these techniques to help teachers and other speaking voice professionals obtain vocal power without strain. I highly recommend this book to any singer or singing teacher who, like me, was trained classically, but wants to sing contemporary and commercial music effectively and effortlessly. Brava, Meredith Colby! -

- Karen Sussman, MA, CCC, Vocologist and Singing Teacher

Are you ready to up your game?

You want to be THAT TEACHER for your students, and you can be.  You can be the teacher that shows them how to get past their break into that high chest mix they need.  When that happens you'll share the thrill...
because you know how deep, how powerful, and how vital it is to have your voice perfectly share the song in you hear in your soul.
So Touching! So True!
Neuro-Vocal Method will empower you to be that transformational teacher.  Integrating Neuro-Vocal principles and exercises into your current teaching style will be exciting.  You'll feel confident and self-assured teaching CCM/Popular method!

Your students will stay with you longer,

pay you more,

and owe you everything.

It doesn't get better than that.

Meredith has a great knack for getting to the core of the matter quickly and efficiently, plus she's a true joy to work with - knowledgeable, personable, supportive, and professional. I'm so glad I participated in the NVM Teacher Training, an excellent value- in both time and cost! - for any crossover teacher.

- Kate Lanagan

Owner, Cardon Studios Online

What are you waiting for?

3 payments over 3 months. Nice!


Getting your certification in Neuro-Vocal Method is an investment you'll never regret.

That's guaranteed.


In fact, you have two years to see the difference your training makes to your teaching studio. Your NVM certification will pay for itself many times over in that time by  attracting new students and reducing your student turnover. If you don't feel your training was worth your time, your fees will be cheerfully refunded


That's nuts!  two years?! What are you thinking?

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I have been having such a good time working with these tools!  Student after student has been making breakthroughs, and fast.  And in myself, I am excited and curious to explore the world of freedom offered by microphone singing. I am so impressed at how you created this method. It feels simple, elegant and adaptive.

- Samuel Palmer, Embody Harmonics, Sacramento, CA

The Teacher

While maintaining a career as a busy freelance singer, I built a successful Chicago voice studio where I taught CCM/Popular to band singer, music theater singers, and singer/songwriters.  I worked consistently for over 20 years as a band singer - rock, jazz, pop - and have more than 30 years teaching experience. To get my B.M. I was trained classically; so I get that. I also did post-grad work in pedagogy at NIU, spent years as Director of the Center for Voice in Chicago, and have been certified by the Neuroscience Academy (Melbourne, AU)

Though I never wanted classical training, I ended up with eight years of it through high school and college. Because that's what there was.  Unfortunately, those lessons taught me to sing in a way that was both unhealthy and inappropriate for the work that had been my dream all along, and the work I did after college: fronting a band 5-6 nights a week for 3-4 hours a night.  After nine months of that my voice was trashed.

Six months (of vocal recovery) later, I began training with an SLS teacher in Chicago. That experience was transformational. It set me on the path of wanting to train CCM/Pop/Rock people to sing the music they loved .  Because I was singing in bands every weekend, I knew that kind of singing was typically performed in an environment where the singer could not hear themselves.  As an independent researcher I found a connection to solve that problem; I found that tapping into the nervous system to exploit existing neurological responses could create a short path to healthy CCM/Pop/Rock singing.  Twenty-six years later, I wrote my book to share what I had found.

Most of my clients over the years have been professionals; singers, teachers, or both.  Experts at what they do.  I'm not about being a guru.  I'm about working with fellow professionals to solve problems and create new tools.  That's my groove.  And I love my job.

Questions? Drop Me a Line!

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