About Meredith

The decision to improve your singing is not a decision made lightly. 

A singer knows the potential is there, but may not trust that someone else can hear and nurture that potential.  Voice teacher and vocal coach Meredith Colby is known for her ability to recognize and honor that potential - quickly and expertly guiding each of her students to bring out the best version of the singer they already are.

The author of Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever, Meredith has successfully taught hundreds of professional and avocational singers to achieve healthy singing since 1989.

As a specialist in vocal technique for CCM/Popular styles like rock, R&B, metal, pop, and contemporary music theater, Meredith created and teaches Neuro-Vocal Method. This ground-breaking vocal method uses brain science to quickly achieve healthy voice technique that let's you sing higher, louder, and longer.

 Described as encouraging, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental, Meredith’s steady, nurturing demeanor is the foundation from which she skillfully guides people through the process of vocal growth.  

People can experience many emotional and logistical objections when they consider investing in themselves as a singer.  Making changes takes time and commitment, and that time and commitment pays off when you've got the right guide. It's beyond exciting, and deeply fulfilling to feel and hear your own voice stronger and more free than you'd dared to imagine.   

For most, the experience is almost magical.
Meredith’s path to pursue this work is personal. 

Soon after she began to pursue singing as a full-time profession, Meredith’s voice was profoundly damaged because of voice lessons.  Neither the lessons nor her teachers were bad, it's just that she'd been taught the wrong technique for the kind of music she was singing.  Meredith had eight years of classical (opera) voice lessons under her belt when she began singing professionally. She found out the hard way that the technique she had learned was not only inappropriate for singing popular styles authentically but was actually dangerous to her vocal health.  


Meredith's journey through vocal recovery and re-learning how to sing was the most difficult and transformative experience of her life.  She studied Speech Level Singing with Fred Farran, a renowned Chicago teacher of popular technique, and was able to observe her own process through the eyes of an experienced singer.  Realizing she was not alone, and that her situation was not unique, she enrolled in post-graduate vocal pedagogy with Dr. Ron Combs at NIU before applying her ignited passion to teaching.  Experience, humility, curiosity, and a dedication to service motivate Meredith to continually add to her expertise.

She's been there.  She gets it.

Meredith Colby has been teaching private voice for over 30 years, and spent 20 years as a busy, professional freelance singer, practicing what she preached.  In that time she sang with touring bands, rock bands, big bands, jazz and society bands.  She’s sung on cruise ships, at casinos, for fundraisers, and corporate sales events.  Meredith has been a bandleader, was in the nationally touring accappella group The Hi Tops, has released Dream Girl, a CD of original jazz songs, and was the singer for the Nelson Riddle Orchestra as well as many other well-known Chicago bands.   Through The Center For Voice, a Chicago non-profit she co-founded, Meredith taught individual voice lessons as well as music and skills classes for groups.  She has been the go-to Chicago voice teacher for record labels such as Sony, Columbia, and Island Def Jam, as well as for several area music producers.  She's been music director for churches, church choirs, and several children's and community theater shows, as well as teaching both classes and masterclasses, both online and in person.


Meredith was graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Music – Studio Music & Jazz, and completed post-grad work in vocal pedagogy from Northeastern Illinois University. She gained certification from the Neuroscience Academy in Melbourne, AU in 2019.  She is the author of Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy and Forever (WiseInk Publishing).  She is also a member of the Voice and Speech Teachers Association and The Voice Foundation. Meredith writes for the VASTA Voice and Medium.com /@MeredithColby. She also publishes the Money Notes Notebook, a monthly newsletter for people who sing, and singers who teach.

Introduction to

Neuro-Vocal Method

Neuro-Vocal Method is the new, ground-breaking voice method for CCM/Popular 
that uses brain science
to achieve fast and healthy results.
You have added the science to what I attempt to get others to understand and be able to practically use. 
Roger Burnley, Celebrity Expert Vocal Coach

Introduction to NVM

This online class is short,  cheap,  interesting,  fun, and designed for the voice teacher who wants to take a gander at this ground-breaking method.

You may have heard by now about Neuro-Vocal Method, the breakthrough voice teaching method based on brain science.  You may have read the book Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever and decided to explore further.  Something led you here, and we hope you stay to learn more.


Bring it on!

The Intro to NVM class will give you enough information to make a decision about whether or not you'd like to continue on to earn your certification in Neuro-Vocal Method.  It will also introduce you to a new way of thinking about teaching voice.  And that will be fun and interesting.  We promise.  


If, as a voice teacher, you know that it's possible to teach healthy CCM/Popular technique, but you just haven't been sure about how to go about it, this class is for you.  If you've always believed that it's not possible to sing CCM/Popular styles in a way that's healthy for the voice, then this class is definitely for you!


Let's be honest. 

Everybody who's created a voice teaching method has done it with the best of intentions.  No difference here.  Every method is trying to solve certain pedagogical issues.  Here, too.  NVM holds the key to some confounding things about teaching healthy, genre-appropriate CCM/Popular styles, and if this method is talking sense to you, you'll know it right away.

Neuro-Vocal Method may be a bit different from other methods you've explored.  For one thing, it's a dedicated CCM/Popular method.  It's for people who sing CCM.  (So, if you're an independent voice teacher, that's most of your studio, right?)  For that reason, the course addresses a bit about what CCM/Popular singing really is and the ways it's different from classical singing.  NVM is also based on neurology, and how to manipulate human biological systems.  It's a fast way to get consistent and healthy results.  If you want to know the more about Neuro-Vocal Method - how it came about, what it is, and pictures of brains - click HERE.

The certification course is all about application, and you can take it after the Introduction course.  We broke the course into two sections both because our beta testers suggested it, and because, well... that's how we'd like for ourselves. 

It's all about you.

We're pretty sure that once you understand how Neuro-Vocal Method works, you'll be eager to learn how to apply it.  No need to become an acolyte, or to strictly adhere to a certain way of doing things.  Once you understand the foundation and the application, you can add your new knowledge to what you already teach.  NVM is pretty flexible that way. 


This online course is offered at your convenience.  It's a steal at $97!  Even better, you'll get another $10 off if you enter promo code 20Off!

Neuro-Vocal Method Certification

Neuro-Vocal Method exploits the innate tendencies of the brain - both to steer changes in singing and
to be guided by changes as they occur.

It's a fact:

most voice students want

popular technique.

You might have been taught along the way that pop singing "ruins" the voice, or that "good" technique can be applied to all styles of singing. Maybe you believed it, or maybe you believed it enough to make you nervous about hurting your students' voices.


But the reality is that most of your students want to learn CCM/Popular.  They want to sound authentic singing the songs they love.  And you feel responsible for keeping their voices healthy.  Maybe you think that people who sing pop can't have healthy voices.  Or maybe you're questioning that notion, because you've taken note of all these old pop and rock singers who still sound like they did when they were young. 


Still, though, you're certainly not going to teach something you don't believe, aren't an expert in, or think might actually harm your students.

I've always heard that good singing is good singing.

As Well As, Not Instead Of...

You know a classical ballet teacher can train to teach modern dance, and stage-trained theater teacher can learn to teach on-camera methods. Well, the good news is that you, if you're a classically trained voice teacher, can learn to teach healthy CCM/Popular technique.

Adding new knowledge and skills to your existing experience and expertise through Neuro-Vocal Method training will make you more competent and desirable as a teacher, and put you in a position to better serve your students. 

Sounds like fancy talk for more students who stay longer.

No Worries...

Neuro-Vocal is a method you can confidently use to help your students get the results they want. In utilizing new knowledge of brain function, Neuro-Vocal Method exploits the innate tendencies of the brain - both to steer changes in singing and to be guided by changes as they occur.

Neuro-Vocal Method is a super healthy way to sing.  Not only does it keep a student from hurting their voice, but working NVM will encourage fast and lasting healing from vocal damage.  Why?  Because they won't have to think about how they're making sound.  You will have helped them re-wire their brains to make sound in the most healthy and efficient way possible naturally.  They simply won't remember how to recreate the habits that got them into vocal trouble.

Teaching this technique, far from harming your students' voices, will ensure their life-long, healthy singing.

Students who want help with their pop technique, and who have studied with other teachers in the past, will talk about you as the teacher who finally gave them their voice. 


If you're considering getting your certification in Neuro-Vocal Method, know that the investment you're making in yourself and your students is one you'll never regret.

That's guaranteed.


In fact, you have two years to see the difference your training makes to your teaching studio. Your NVM certification will pay for itself many times over in that time by  attracting new students and reducing your student turnover. If you don't feel your training was worth your time, your fees will be cheerfully refunded


That's nuts!  two years?! What are you thinking?

Online Learning.

 Online Class!

Learn at times convenient to your schedule!

Your certification process is fun and informative.

You'll be with other voice teachers, sharing common experiences, laughing, and growing with one another. Everyone's professional status is respected and used as a basis of learning. You'll have suspicions confirmed and myths busted; your perspective about pop singing will shift from a place of skepticism to one of power and authority. Participants will be given the opportunity to practice the application of every step of the technique.


You'll be inspired, and confident to apply your new knowledge to your CCM students.


The Skinny...

Certification is offered to those who have completed Introduction to Neuro-Vocal Method within the previous year.  Certification for Neuro-Vocal Method is an 8-hour course of training and workshopping taught by Meredith Colby, creator of Neuro-Vocal Method, and author of Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever.


  • Open enrollment for online class  

  • 6 hours of virtual classroom training

  • 90 minutes of private coaching with Meredith to make sure you're on the right track

  • Facebook group page for questions and community

  • Downloadable NVM training workbook

  • A copy of Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever for each participant*

  • NVM Certification 

  • Accreditation certificate

for schools, of course, y'all are free to offer private enrollement.  We won't make you train every-ol'-body.


They're in a virtual classroom. 

They're either super interested, or they're being hypnotized. 

Or they're zombies.

Meredith, who has enjoyed a busy and successful Chicago voice studio for over twenty-five years, is accustomed to teaching  people who are professionals; experts at what they do.  Her teaching style has been described as "warm" and "encouraging."  



The course is organized and makes the best possible use of everyone's time. Pricing for the training is done in deference to the fact that participants are, by and large, freelance voice teachers.

If you want to see what she's like, there are a bunch of videos on youtube or on the videos page of this site.

Next class:

Mondays March 4 - April 29, 2019 (no class March 25)

From a college or other institution?  Shoot us an EMAIL!
We'll get right back to you!
Neuro-Vocal Method
Seminar & Masterclass


Hosted by a local music school or college, Neuro-Vocal Training is designed to be accessible and beneficial to teachers of all types of backgrounds and levels of experience.


Discover how powerful applying the principles of neuroscience to singing can be.

Experience teaching immediate and healthy improvement in CCM/Popular vocal technique.

Singers who have goals for their singing usually take lessons. They may have taken lessons for years, perhaps with a number of different teachers. Some of those singers reach a place where their voices are perfectly reflecting their musical vision and intention. 

But many do not.

Many singers struggle to achieve a more contemporary, authentic "pop" sound, and to get over their vocal break. Their voice teachers can't help them, and it can feel confusing to both student and teacher: why doesn't the application of healthy vocal technique get the student the sound that they're after?


More often than not, voice teachers don't sing CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music).  They sing classically.  That's what they know, and that's what they teach.  Many voice teachers have learned that singing CCM/Popular will lead to vocal damage, so they're certainly not going to try to teach something that could harm their students!

Yet, both teacher and student are aware of recording artists and music-theater singers who tour, who sing night after night, who sing professionally for decades, and who do not suffer vocal damage.  That awareness can call into question the notion that singing popular styles harms the voice.


You Said It!

The current climate of voice training can be frustrating to both teacher and student. Everyone can see and hear that the overwhelming number of singing opportunities are available for those who can comfortably sing popular styles. It's most likely that a singer taking voice lessons is seeking to master that style. Yet very few teachers are absolutely comfortable teaching CCM/Popular. The result? Frustrated students, and voice studios with high turnover.


Meredith Colby, a busy freelance singer herself for over two decades, combined her 30 years teaching voice, her extensive experience as a professional CCM/Popular  singer, and her tenacious interest in neurology and physiology to develop Neuro-Vocal Method; the method explained in her book Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever. 

Neuro-Vocal Method is the key achieving a healthy, authentic CCM sound; applicable to all popular styles and contemporary music-theater.

 Neuro-Vocal is a method that will get singers the results they want.

In utilizing new knowledge of brain function,

Neuro-Vocal Method exploits the innate tendencies of the brain - both to steer changes in singing and to be guided by changes as they occur. 

The Long & Short of It

You'll find that this method is an extremely healthy way to sing; so healthy, in fact, that Neuro-Vocal Method can be applied for rapid healing of vocal damage.

While a six-hour seminar and masterclass cannot take the place of ongoing lessons, or an indepth grasp of the pedagogy of the method, it is a powerful place to start. Many participants have gained enough understanding of the principles of the method to move forward in their own journey to a healthy, CCM vocal sound.

Attendees to the Neuro-Vocal Method Seminar & Masterclass can register as either participants or auditors.


Thank you for such a fun workshop Saturday!  I really enjoyed - and learned from - watching you witness, diagnose, and provide an RX for each singer's particular needs. I really appreciated your humor throughout, which kept us laughing and kept your messaging on a lovely level. It's good to know hacks for the voice and I am going to spend some good tea-time with your book. 

Hollis B.

Your private music school will benefit from hosting a Neuro-Vocal Method Seminar & Masterclass. How? Click here!